She is my husband

One day Alessandro Gracis, a lawyer in Veneto, shows up in court in a skirt and a blonde wig. It’s the outing of a fifty-two years old man who finally found the courage to fulfill his lifelong desire: to become a woman. Roberta’s testimony, his partner, alternates with the passionate testimony of the transgender.
Roberta decided to stay at his side despite all her painful doubts. The documentary, which intercalates chronological narrative to a series of flashbacks, tells the preceding period to his outing and the tormented and adventurous three years of her new life, until December,21 2012, the date prophesied for the end of the world


Run time: 29.30’’

Co-written and co-directed by Gloria Aura Bortolini & Annamaria Gallone

Produced by Kenzi Productions

Director of Photography: Gianni Bonardi

Editor: Giuliano Ricci

Music: Remo Anzovino


Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, Bari International Film Festival, Torino Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Divergenti Film Festival di Bologna, Festival Mix di Milano, Premio Libero Bizzarri, Gender Docu Film Fest di Roma, Sguardi Altrove Film Festival MIlano




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