Not to leave behind any history, to just grow old and die, is a sad way to live”, Daisaku Ikeda



Gloria Aura Bortolini is a reporter, filmmaker and photographer. Her body of work includes films, documentaries, photoreportages and writing. She works for international televisions, magazines and independent projects.

She graduated in Economics at the University of Bologna, with a Master in Marketing and  Communication at the International School of Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona.

Very early in her life she left her native country, Italy, to travel the world by all possible means of  transportation: from Patagonia to California by bus, hitchhiking from the East coast to the West coast, Asia by train and of course, the desert by camel. Each of her trips was full of inspiring encounters and wonderfully diverse experiences.

Her education and career choices took her to live in many different cities around the world, including Paris, Barcelona, New York, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo and London.

She speaks fluently English, French, Portuguese and Spanish, in addition to her mother language, Italian.

Her curiosity and passion for different cultures are expressed in few but unbreakable rules: books and films always in original language, multiethnic food in the fridge and a suitcase ready to go. The books she read when she was young were about explorers and she used to dream of being one herself one day.

Her dream almost came true when she got her first job as a reporter and during three years she was sent around the world to conduct interviews with Government Ministers as well as CEOs of the most successful companies within each country for the most important business magazines. After spending two years in Brazil and Argentina, she moved to London. That is when she became interested in visual storytelling. Her background in journalism paired up with her experience in photography and video brought her to documentary filmmaking and photoreportage. Her first film London afloat has been awarded with the best documentary prize in several film festivals. She has been commended by Sony World Photography Awards 2013.  Her experiences inspired her to focus on intercultural dialogue, art, lifestyle and travel. Author & TV presenter of the series “Londra, linea Greenwich” about London’s latest trends, which is broadcast on Kilimangiaro – Come è piccolo il mondo, RAI 3. Host and creator of Glorious Postcards, a vlog on what’s cool, innovative and original, which airs weekly on YouTube. Gloria Aura is an observer of reality and her works are the result of her interpretation expressed through photography, video and writing.